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    George Michael - Symphonica

    More DetailsBuy Amazon! 2014 release, the sixth album from the global Pop superstar.
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    Ashanti - BraveHeart

    More DetailsBuy on Amazon!
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    Christina Perri - Head or Heart

    More DetailsBuy Amazon! In matters of love, should you rely on your heart or your head?
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    Google - Music News Snapshot

    More DetailsGet the Latest Music News, Conferences, Reviews, Charts and Photos
  • Vernac

    Omen Music Video by Vernac

    More DetailsThe song is entitled Omen and is performed by Vernac. This song illustrates mankind’s constant struggle with temptation and the balance between good
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    Music Connection Magazine (12 Month)

    More DetailsAmazon.com Widgets Product Description Published since 1977, Music Connection magazine is a monthly music trade publication catering to musicians, industry
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    Rolling Stone (1-year auto-renewal)

    More DetailsRolling Stone is written for a younger, urban audience who